Antonius Höckelmann (1937-2000)

The sculptor and draftsman, Antonius Höckelmann, born in Oelde / Westphalia (Germany), began in 1951 an apprenticeship as a wood sculptor. After further training Höckelmann studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin. In 1961, the examination of the paintings and drawings of Georg Baselitz began. Since 1970 he lived and worked in the Cologne milieu quarter Eigelstein. The attraction of the district in the 1980s was the local pub designed by Höckelmann with his works. The materials for his sculptures were linden wood, plaster, aluminium foil, acrylic plastic and wood glue. It was painted on cardboard-proof paper and canvas with coloured wax crayon, ink and pastel. The picture "Stallion and Jockey" communicates with a few strokes an explosive dynamic, his observations of the Cologne racecourse. The motif "Woman with bird" exists in different versions. Although the motif has already been treated by several artists in the past, the images of Höckelmann are unmistakable due to the colours and the stroke. In many works by Höckelmann, a three-dimensional image structure is conveyed by means of circular-arc rod arrangements over serpentine structures (not shown here).

(Own digital photography, both objects are privately owned.)