Photographic animation to the steeple of Cologne's Dome

The Dome of Cologne is the landmark of Cologne; the Gothic cathedral is over 157 m high. The start of construction goes back to the year 1248. Lack of money put the building to sleep for centuries. It was only after finding the old plans in 1814 that the cathedral was completed in 1880 by donations of citizens and royal grants. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is restored annually with about 10 million euros. The effects of the weather and the environment, including the vibration of the ground on the cathedral due to rail traffic, burden the natural stones of the cathedral.

Recording: Rangefinder camera with Apo chromatically corrected lenses of focal lengths 50 mm and 90 mm, and a 15 mm lens, without tripod, exposure times from 1/250 to 1/1,000 s, aperture 5.6 and ISO 200. The sections are partly from the same pictures.