Art & Engineering

Artists & Engineers

Unreflected, there seems to be no similarity, the characteristics and their actions are very different. On closer inspection, however, both are characterized by the highest creativity. Many techniques in art are inconceivable without the products of modern technology. On the other hand, technical, innovative products are appealing and pleasing only by their external, aesthetic and artistic form; a synthesis of art and technique.

Artists and engineers increase their creativity, knowledge and skills and build their experiences with intuition and imagination.

The engineer develops a solution out of the many possible variants with his skill and his creative imagination, he makes use of the technical and scientific fundamentals, and if necessary, the solution is verified by an experiment to withstand all questions. With pride he can prove the correctness of his solution and thus demonstrate his ability visibly and comprehensibly. Since the engineer is not only admired, but also mistrust and aversions strike him, he will only implement solutions that can be proven in detail. However, the constant use of proven things involves the danger of one-sidedness. The artist is not subject to these constraints.

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As a rule, the artist does not explain or justify his works. The statements can be diverse. It can be intuitive or provocative answers, answers that stimulate reflection, stimulate the imagination, document circumstances, convey new perceptions of light, color and movement, question social developments or simply make you happy. The artist has the freedom to overshoot the target while the engineer always has to make a hit. Although the engineer binds capital and work, he serves society, increases their quality of life and at the same time satisfies their cultural needs. The artist provides spiritual freedom and balm for the soul. An artist without culture is not an artist, just as an engineer without a soul cannot be an engineer. Thus, their interdependence is inevitable.