Paule Hammer (1975)

Paule Hammer from Leipzig is with nearly 2000 exhibits a very creative young artist. His Kinski head with the attached dragon's tail and the title: "Nobody knows what we feel" (2005), is one of his most spectacular sculptures of recent years.
Material: wire, paper mache, fabric, foam building material.
: height = 1,7 m, length = 6 m.

Klaus Kinski (originally Klaus Nakszyriski),
* October 18th, 1926, † November 23rd, 1991, has been a dazzling and controversial personality in the history of film in the 20th century, but he was primarily an outstanding character actor. Klaus Kinski was not a fire-breathing dragon but an actor, a director, reciter and egomaniac who defended himself against philistinism and ignorance. However, he sometimes degraded himself with poison arrow-like rhetoric; outbursts of rage and vulgar behaviour in his environment and so partially become a persona non grata.

(Own photography at the 43rd Art Cologne,
Gallery: L