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Quotes on Art

Art is active meditating, another form of knowlodge finding, and with reason alone one can not get the nature of art now.
Jürgen Lemke

Art is the conscience of mankind.
Friedrich Hebbel

Art is indeed not the bread but the wine of life.
Jean Paul

Art is the transition from nature to education and from education to nature.
Friedrich Hölderlin

Art washes the dust from the soul of the everyday life.
Pablo Picasso

Art is a mediator of inexpressible thoughts.
Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Quotes on Engineering

Every increase in industrial developments requires, when an increase and not a reduction of the human luck should be combined with it, a proportionate increase in wisdom.
Bertrand Russell

The human being must try to master the evolution of industrial developments intellectually. Only the use of highest humanity can avert the danger of negative industrial developments.
Gertrud von Le Fort

I am convinced that humans are overtaxed with the results of their capability.
Günter Grass, dt. Schriftsteller

Technology is like a knife. One can morder with it or cut bread with the knife.
Norbert Blüm, dt. Politiker

One of the tragedies of life is the murder of a beautiful theory by a gang of brutal facts.
Benjamin Franklin

Spirit of the Age ▼

Spirit of the Age

Fake News, Brexit, Rioters, Hackers, Cyber-Stalking, Botnet, Zombie (Internet), Viruses, Trojans.

Financial Crisis, stock market gambling, hedge funds, City-Boy of London, short-time working, scrapping premium.

Locusts: buy companies at a symbolic price, sell patents and know-how,
file for bankruptcy, close companies, destroy jobs.

Management without visions: Falling returns, cutting R & D budget, dismissing employees.

Wellbeing Society, reform jam, avoid responsibility, budgetary emergency, educational emergency.

Subsidizing renewable energy at the expense of the private electricity consumers.

Interact on social networks via Smart-Phone, Facebook and Twitter.

Abuse of social networks: Manipulating the citizen and defaming the political opponent.

Distribution Psychosis: To divide the pie so that everyone believes they own the biggest piece.

Madness: Thriftiness is cool, jacket with two pants, one believes the senses spin.

Mallorca is 'in', the air of the mountains 'out'. Scents: doping for the senses.

Discover the slowness and enjoy the sheer force of 560 hp.

War: smart bombs, bunker-bursters, drone use, warrior-in-law (suicide terrorist).

Sleeper: Indoctrinated, Recallable, Terrorist Commands Enforcer.

Hermann Scherer ( 1893 Lörrach - 1927 Basel)

Lovers, 1924, Wood, painted Object. Affection, tenderness and love are independent of the spirit of time. (Time and tide wait for no man!)

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