How to use the Homepage?
Representation of art objects

Text columns and graphics should always be in the same proportions. You should therefore use at least a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels on your PC or laptop. For larger resolutions, the individual pages across the width are always shown in the center.

Navigation of the Homepage

Non-activated links are always marked in blue. If you move the cursor over the link, the color changes to red. In the upper frame of each page are the page links. From the starting page (homepage), the moving blue button leads to the table of contents. The table of contents contains all main pages. From each main page you can jump directly back to the table of contents or the next main page. The current text of a main page may contain links to additional pages. Each additional page only leads back to the last main page. From the table of contents and the last page you can jump back to the starting page.

Setting the font size

It is recommended to set the font size to "Medium".