Art & Engineering
Table of Contents
  1. Why a private homepage can be useful?
  2. Modern art presented digitally.
  3. Useful techniques for everyday life.
      3.1 Special codes for mobile phones.
      3.2 Compute: leasing, depreciation, instalment, saving.
      3.3 The router in the computer network.
         3.3.1 The Design of a private 'Data Cloud'.
      3.4 Sending messages without an e-mail account.
         3.4.1 Encrypt & Decrypt of Documents.
      3.5 Digital vs. analogue photography.
  4. Global Positioning System (GPS) and world time zones.
  5. The history of the mechanical chronometer.
  6. The connection of time and calendar.
  7. Persiflage to the ideology of bicycle racing.
  8. The Bye-bye-Page.
  Imprint EU-GDPR
  Hints to the homepage !  German Version !
 3D Animation of an Art Object.  
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