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8. The Bye-bye-Page.

Perhaps you have found something interesting on my private homepage. It is changed from time to time or complemented by new ideas. I personally took the photographs of all the art objects presented. In general it is not permissible to photograph in museums or galleries. However, ambitious photographers are still given enough possibilities to photograph interesting objects themselves. I think, for example, of the sculptures of Niki de Saint Phalle which were exhibited in the publicly accessible roof garden of the Federal Art Hall in Bonn or of the objects of Jean Tinguely in front of the museum in Basel. A series of modern art objects belong to my private collection. In particular for young and needy artists I privately made pictures for their catalogues in the past, and therefore was given direct access to the objects. As a farewell I may hand over to the ladies virtually a rose as a present and the gentlemen the specific mobile phone codes. The picture of the rose was made in my photo studio and the different mobile phone codes have simply been collected over the years. If you want to give me your opinion on my private homepage, you can use the link Mail-Page, also you can find in the table of contents under Imprint my private E-Mail address.

Good-bye! For the latest state of things simply look in, if you like, around midnight once again.